KOYS is an Italian company operating in the sector of the analysis of the impact of innovation in socio-economic complex contexts. The company develops and validate ad-hoc models for its clients, targeted at understanding the dynamics of internal and external interaction among people, companies, and heterogeneous clusters.

KOYS research team holds more than 15 years of management of collaborative research projects for complex systems and policy impact evaluation. Its head expertise is the analysis of the balance among real phenomena, the discrete model and the instrument to be adopted to evaluate them.

The R&D focuses in desk analysis and modeling of complex system, both aiming at exploring the mechanisms underlying the outreaching effect of policy measures, and the development of ad-hoc solutions for simulation of innovation strategies.

More in general, the company provides R&D management support, analysis of sustainability of innovation, assistance in R&D development of distributed SW solutions.

The policy perspective is enriched by the approaches to the Social Innovation and the Responsible Research and Innovation.

KOYS is the co-founder of the Disruptive and Democratic Social Innovation Community, kicked off in the 2015 and targeting at studying and analysing the capability to modify the market and Communities behaviour by enabling people to freely act, react and participate in the innovation. The community nurtures ideas, policies and solutions for ICT-based tools detecting, monitoring, supporting and governing a specific sector of the Social Innovation, characterised by the capability to modify the market (Disruptive) by enabling people to freely act, react and participate in the innovation (Democratic).

KOYS is developing a framework for the application of the Responsible Research and Innovation towards multiple research fields, in the project MARINA-RRI.

KOYS is among the pledger of the Digital SME4Skills.