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KOYS is a research Lab operating in innovation’s impact analysis for complex social-economic environments. We develop and validate service models and operational plans to understand the dynamics of interactions among stakeholders: people, communities, industries, and policymakers. Our interests encompass Sustainable and Responsible Innovation, Digital Social Innovation, Ethics of human-centred technologies, models for Complex Systems and Digital Skills.

We provide services and knowledge for…

Innovation and policy advice

With more than 20 years of management of collaborative research projects and policy impact evaluation, we provide concrete support to Research & Innovation initiatives by developing analysis and implementation plans of innovation in organisations and territories. Plans include innovation management, technology transfer, IP management and exploitation, and built of long-term relations and develop win-win business opportunities between industry and research organisations. Furthermore, we develop guidelines providing practical advice how to implement and enable innovation-based change processes. We analyse broader institutional (legal, financial, economic, social, and technological) conditions that enable and facilitate a change into territories and socio-economic ecosystems and formulate policy and regulatory recommendations, and incentives that consider differences between territorial, social and economic groups, in terms of urgency perceptions.

Plans for responsibile innovation

Applied ethics issues must be addressed in an interactive manner, involving the views, concerns and experiences of multiple stakeholders. We approach these challenges by proximity (ethics should be practised on-site, in interaction with experts and societal stakeholders directly involved, combining local experience with global developments), trans-disciplinarity (intense collaboration with other fields), and interactivity (interaction with citizens and societal organisations). In this context, we analyse and adopt the Responsible Innovation (RRI) approach, a key concept for Europe’s R&I Programme, aiming at better aligning both the process and outcomes of R&I with the values, needs and expectations of European society. It includes six main key dimensions: Citizen engagement and participation, Science literacy and science education; Gender equality in research and innovation, Ethics and Governance. We include in our plans a mainstreaming check, established to monitor the process and the outcomes in all six RRI dimensions, by defining actions (processes) and indicators (monitoring). In addition, we assist consortia in developing Data Management Plans fully complying with the FAIR principles through organising the data with the Fair Digital Objects (FDO) layer.

Sustainable Innovation

We draft the pre- and post-analysis of the impact of an innovation into socio-economic environment, by adopting state-of-the-art analysis in open-innovation issues, and a complete user-centric check of initiatives that include user engagement and user-innovation steps. The impact assessment will be performed through qualitative and quantitative evaluation. We also adopt foresight methodologies to outline potential long-term scenarios for innovation into ecosystems, by checking parameters related to territorial and social foresight, economic scenarios, technological scenarios, resources scarcity

Interdisciplinary Complexity

The complexity of interdisciplinary collaborations in research and innovation is characterised by multi-voice dialogues, made by different human and scientific points of view. We analyse how to align them to the multiplicity and uniqueness of the interlocutors/actors. “Actors” in these complex models need to come in a relationship based on technical, technological, societal, behavioural, scientific, sustainability and business skills. The dialogue which interleaves social sciences with scientific and technical data-interpretation patterns needs models defining patterns for a shared and common understanding. We develop ad-hoc software model, targeted at understanding the dynamics of internal and external interaction among people, companies, government, public administrations, and heterogeneous clusters.  We develop and validate discrete models representing complex socio-economic systems, enabling the analysis of the balance among real phenomena, the discrete model and the instrument to be adopted to evaluate it, exploring the mechanisms underlying the outreaching effect of policy measures, and the development of ad-hoc solutions for simulation of innovation strategies. We develop deployable computational models for multi-layered complex systems, balanced and ready to be translated in software


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