Plans for Sustainable Innovation. We draft the pre- and post-analysis of the impact of an innovation into socio-economic environment, by adopting state-of-the-art analysis in open-innovation issues, and a complete user-centric check of initiatives that include user engagement and user-innovation steps. The impact assessment will be performed through qualitative and quantitative evaluation. We also adopt foresight methodologies to outline potential long-term scenarios for innovation into ecosystems, by checking parameters related to territorial and social foresight, economic scenarios, technological scenarios, resources scarcity


Plans for Responsible Innovation. RRI is a key concept for Europe’s R&I Programme, it aims to better align both the process and outcomes of R&I with the values, needs and expectations of European society. The RRI framework provided by the EC contains six main, key dimensions, to which may be added sustainability and social justiceCitizen engagement and participation of societal actors in research and innovation; Science literacy and science education; Gender equality in research and innovation and gender dimension in research and innovation content; Open access to scientific knowledge; Ethics: i.e. the compatibility of research and innovation processes and products with fundamental values; Governance. The application of its methodologies deserves a specific framework that needs to be tailored to each initiative. Depending on the nature of the project, from laboratory-based to applied research, or collaborative policy making, the application of RRI is tailored to form a monitoring and assessment plan. We include in our plans a mainstreaming check, established to monitor the process and the outcomes in all six RRI dimensions, by defining actions (processes) and indicators (monitoring).


Policy Advice. We develop guidelines providing practical advice how to implement and enable innovation-based change processes. We analyse broader institutional (legal, financial, economic, social and technological) conditions that enable and facilitate a change into territories and socio-economic ecosystems and formulate policy and regulatory recommendations, and incentives that consider differences between territorial, social and economic groups, in terms of urgency perceptions.


Innovation Management and Technology Transfer. We provide R&D management support, we build and manage international multidisciplinary and cross-sectorial consortia, we provide advice to start-ups and SMEs for business and innovation strategy development, we provide training about innovation management, technology transfer, project management, grants applications development, IP management and exploitation, we help building long-term relations and develop win-win business opportunities between industry and research organisations


Software and Socio-Economic System Modelling. We develop ad-hoc software model for our clients, targeted at understanding the dynamics of internal and external interaction among people, companies, government, public administrations and heterogeneous clusters.  We develop and validate discrete models representing complex socio-economic systems, enabling the analysis of the balance among real phenomena, the discrete model and the instrument to be adopted to evaluate it, exploring the mechanisms underlying the outreaching effect of policy measures, and the development of ad-hoc solutions for simulation of innovation strategies. We develop deployable computational models for multi-layered complex systems, balanced and ready to be translated in software.