Final agenda released

COMPOLICY – Complex evolutionary dynamics: actors, territories and policies

a Satellite Meeting in the European Conference on Complex System 2014

September 24, 2014 (Morning Session, 09.00 – 13.00), Lucca, Italy


COMPOLICY will take place in the ‘Assindustria‘ location. see the map at the link, it’s matter of 10mins walking from the main S.Francesco  registration desk 

Organising committee

Francesco Niglia, Dimitri Gagliardi, Fatihcan Atay, Mercedes Bleda, Timoteo Carletti, Angelo Corallo, Valerio Eletti, Corentin Fontaine.

Rationale on the workshop

A real socio-economic system can be also identified by territorial and social boundaries: a city, a region etc. The actors therein operating are firms, markets, industrial clusters and are embedded in regional and national innovation systems. An emerging approach identifies the socio-economic system as a ‘smart territory’ characterised by the flow of citizens; the domain of interest is that of public services. Smart territories require business integrated services and long term sustainability, whilst their governance require 2.0 making tools, enabling the sharing of targets between policy makers, innovation and growth strategies and monitoring.

The general idea of this satellite is that these advances can significantly enhance evolutionary explanations of dynamic economic phenomena, and that as complex adaptive systems (CAS)  theory constitutes the appropriate analytical framework within which analyse the evolution of socio-economic systems. CAS theory is increasingly being used in socio-economic contexts since the widely accepted view that all social and economic systems are complex adaptive systems has led to important advances on how the general properties of CAS are translated or understood in the economic and the organizational fields. 

The whole proceedings will be included into a Meeting Report to be shared with the main ECCS2014 organisation. The participation to the workshop is reserved to the main conference participants, for further information please refer to the main conference website



09.00 – 09.30 opening speech, prof. Valerio Eletti ‘the importance of policies in big data management’ speech title to be confirmed

part 1 – applied theories [09.30 – 11.30]

Agents reasoning under uncertainty: an extended BDI model in the JADEx framework (Andrea Gentile, Cristian Bisconti, Laura Fortunato – University Salento)

Forecasting transitions in systems with high dimensional stochastic complex dynamics: A Linear Stability Analysis of the Tangled Nature Model (Andrea Cairoli, Duccio Piovani – University of London, Imperial College London)

Use of multi-level self-regulating agents (Francesco Niglia, Dimitri Gagliardi – University Salento, University of Manchester)

First session panel Questions & Answers

[11.30 – 11.45] break

part 2 – territorial policies [11.45 – 13.00]

Discovering best practices in emergency response with combined physical and organisational simulation (Mihaela Ulieru, George Davidescu – IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy)

Mutual shaping between technologies and law: e-health (Anna A. Zaytseva, University of Oslo)

Product End of Use Management Networks: ABM Approach (Vered Blass, Igor Nikolic, Pim Bellinga – Tel Aviv University, Delft University of Technology)

Spatial and Topological Diffusion of Electrical Vehicles in Urban Environments (Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal, Vered Blass, Uri Mahler, Eyal Ofeck, and Juval Portugali  – Tel Aviv University)

Second session panel Questions & Answers


Francesco Niglia