the R&D directions

KoySLab has established a set of Research&Innovation path:

  • Analysis of Complex Systems
  • Adoption of the User Centricity
  • Contribution to Open Innovation 2.0 themes
  • Evaluation of Smart and Creative Communities
  • Innovation Impact Analysis

Because innovation systems are more than invention systems, particular attention has to be paid to the integration of potential users into the innovation process. It is already well established that firms identify their customers and suppliers as key providers of information in relation to innovation, a natural consequence of innovation systems being embedded in the self-organisation of market relationships [1]. Public purchasing programmes and the identification of lead users are important ways in which the demand side of innovation systems can be influenced by public policy [2].

KoySLab’ target is to formalise and validate the model approached by “Ecology of Innovation [3]” that takes the ecology to mean the science of the interrelationships of organisms and their environment to discuss and validate the Open Innovation main schemes.

Individuals, the education system, university and research laboratories, firms and the government are the constituent elements which constitute an innovation ecology but they do not constitute an innovation system. The ecology of innovation become a proper system only through the emergence of system-making connections and these connections typically flow form the need to solve specific innovation problems. Put another way, an innovation ecology is the basis for a system, but it is not a system of itself until subsets of the actors are connected with the intention of promoting innovation and the purpose of the connections is to combine multiple sources of knowledge through the flow of information.

[1] Hippel, E.v. (1986): Lead Users. A Source of novel product concepts, in: Management Science, Vol. 32, S. 791-805. Hippel, E.v. (1988): The Sources of Innovation. The MIT Press  

[2] Edler, J. and L. Georghiou (2007). “Public procurement and innovation—Resurrecting the demand side.” Research Policy 36: 949-963

[3] Wulf – in a one-page editorial entitled “Changes in innovation ecology” – writes of an ecology of “interrelated institutions, laws, regulations and policies providing an innovation infrastructure that entails education, research, tax policy, and intellectual property protection, among others.” (Wulf, 2007, p. 1253)



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