We develop ad-hoc software model for our clients, targeted at understanding the dynamics of internal and external interaction among people, companies, government, public administrations and heterogeneous clusters. KOYS’ head expertise is the analysis of the balance among real phenomena, the discrete model and the instrument to be adopted to evaluate them.

We develop deployable computational models for multi-layered complex systems, balanced and ready to be translated in software.



We draft the pre- and post-analysis of the impact of an innovation into a whatever multi-layered system representing a complex environment.

We draft analysis of feasibility for the development of indicators measuring complex phenomena.

We provide support for state of the art analysis in user-centricity and open-innovation issues



We provide R&D management support, analysis of sustainability of innovation, assistance in R&D development of distributed SW solutions.

We provide a complete user-centric check of initiatives that include user engagement and user-innovation steps.